Yerba Mate can be brewed in the traditional South American manner (Gourd and Bombilla) or in the more familiar ways that most North Americans drink their coffee or tea. 




Coffee Pot

Yes, you can make yerba mate tea in your coffee pot. Mate can be enjoyed all day long with completely different results then coffee. You still get energized, but without the negative effects Four tablespoons for a twelve cup pot.     

French Press

The plunger pot is perfect. You really get the most out of your infusion using this method. Heat cool tepid water from the tap. Steep for three minutes and serve. View tasty outcome here!

Loose Mate Single Serving

Perhaps the most economical way to enjoy your yerba mate is to purchase our wild harvest fine cut along with our Finum single teacup filter paper. Perfect for any cup or large pot. A convenient "filling flap" prevents any mess while filling with yerba mate. These tea filters are biodegradable. Their unique true-flavor filtering qualities and the absence of glue or any other binding agent add to their eco-friendly characteristics. Fill and allow to steep for three to four minutes.  finum-tea-filters-in-cup-155.jpg

Tea Bags
Place one of our Aviva yerba mate tea bags in a eight ounce cup. Add fresh water just off the stove and serve. DIY Tea Bags!

Iced Tea
One ounce (six tablespoons) to one half gallon of water. Chill and serve. Our favorite way to make iced tea is with a coffee pot. Simply fill with 10 cups of water (or 12 depending on the size) and add 3-4 tablespoons of mate (we suggest one of our summer brews). Pour into a pitcher or another type of container. Then brew another 4-5 cups with the same mate from the previous brew. Combine this with the first brew. Add about 10 ice cubes. Sweeten with sugar if desired. Place in refrigerator to chill. This method makes a rather strong brew. Enjoy!

Espresso Machine
Our Matélatte blends are great for enjoying an herbal latte. Make a traditional latte with milk and flavor and substitute mate latte leaf.

Traditional Gourd
In South America you have two main ways of drinking mate. Hot or cold. When you use the term Mate, this means hot. When you use the term Tereré (te-er-re) this means ice cold water. Fill the mate gourd one-third full with loose mate, herb or tea of choice. When brewing mate, you take fresh water and heat to around 180-degrees Fahrenheit, fill the gourd to the top of the rim and drink from your bombilla (tea sipper). It is customary for the host (cebador) to take the first gourd full. More water is added and passed to the next person. This is repeated until all parties are satisfied.


If you are going to drink out of a gourd, you must cure it first. The purpose of curing the gourd is to seal the pores and remove any vegetable flesh that might be present. I personally like using the passion berry because it will always have that aroma even if you just use the traditional mate

Gourd Curing Instructions
** Please wash Bombilla before use**

1. Place two tablespoons of yerba mate inside gourd.
2. Heat water and fill the gourd to the top of the rim.
3. Allow mate to soak in gourd for 24 hours. After 24 hours empty gourd and rinse. Take a spoon and gently scrape the inside of the gourd.
4. Once you have scraped the gourd, repeat the process one more time. After the second time, the gourd is ready for use.

Caring for your gourd
Rinse mate after use. The gourd will stain dark green after some use. Store in a warm, dry, well- ventilated location.. Do not put in dishwasher!