Yerba Mate (pronounced "Mah-Tay") is truly a remarkable herbal beverage which ranks exceptionally high in nutritional content among brewed or steeped drink products. For pennies a serving, a cup of yerba mate provides more value and is more cost effective than many manufactured energy drinks or meal replacement options on the market. Additionally, a large number of consumers trying to kick the coffee habit have found yerba mate to be a healthful, yet still stimulating, alternative to their cup of joe.

A South American Tradition Revered for Centuries...
92% Household Consumption Rate in Argentina!
(compared to only a 62% rate for coffee in the US)

Since 1998, our mission at Aviva has been to responsibly cultivate, harvest, package, and distribute to our worldwide customers the finest quality yerba mate from South America. Like coffee and tea, not all yerba mate tastes the same. The environment, growing conditions, and harvesting methods greatly affect the taste and potency of the Mate infusion. In fact, a recent study shows that shade grown yerba possesses a higher concentration of nutrients than plants cultivated under the hot sun!

A unique yerba mate produced exclusively for Aviva!

Not only is our yerba mate free from pesticides and chemicals, it is grown and harvested in a sustainable and responsible fashion! This is the best way to preserve the delicate ecosystem of the land and its inhabitants. Forest land is preserved and habitat expanded through reforestation programs. A portion of each purchase of our Aviva™ brand yerba mate is directly allocated to the betterment of those who live and work on the ranch. "Because We Grow, We Know"

Purveyors of Premium South American Yerba Mate

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about this South American favorite. We're confident you won't find another place on the web with a purer product or more factual information on yerba than right here! We offer exceptional value for this pure leaf grade of specialty tea. If you decide to order from us, simply spend a minimum of $100 $10, and we'll absorb all the shipping and packaging costs! ($10 value!) If you have any questions feel free to send us an email.


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