Rooibos Mate Power Blend

Red Bush Mate - Antioxidant ++ is a powerful blend of our Wild Harvest yerba mate and Rooibos from South Africa. According to Wikipedia, the reddish steeped Rooibos has a sweet, slightly nutty taste and very high levels of antioxidants. The polyphenol antioxidants identified in rooibos tea include the monomeric flavonoids aspalathin, nothofagin, quercetin, rutin, isoquercitrin, orientin, isoorientin, luteolin, vitexin, isovitexin, and chrysoeriol. Currently, rooibos is the only known natural source of aspalathin. The polyphenols in Rooibos complement those found in yerba mate quite well. Additionally, the caffeine-free property of Rooibos won't overstimulate when combined with the gentle stimulates found in our yerba mate. This is a 60/40 blend, Mate:Rooibos.
"I just want to say: I ordered and recieved a 5 Ib bag of Yerba/Rooibus tea blend. Very good product! I put it in my coffee maker instead of coffee. And it's really good. I like that now I don't add sweetener or cream and enjoy the flavor alone. I hope I will always enjoy the service/price/expedient delivery and benefits in the future!!!"