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Wild Harvest Yerba Mate

Aviva 100% USDA certified Organic Wild Harvest yerba mate has been at the forefront of Wild Harvest Yerba Mate since 1999. Our Wild Harvest Yerba Mate is grown under the canopy of the Semi Tropical jungle of Southern Brazil. Fertilized by the natural ecosystem in which it grows Aviva yerba mate contains minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and phytochemicals that provide nutrition, energy and tastes amazing. Our yerba mate is grown by a century-old family business that has produced organic mate in southern Brazil for four generations. Grown in a natural ecosystem and harvested by local fair trade workers. Our wild harvest has a bold smooth taste. Since 2003, our partner/supplier has had an organic certification issued by Ecocert. This certification is current in the Americas, Europe and Japan.

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85 Reviews

BeverlyAnn C. 11-28-2023

Small Cut YM

I enjoyed trying the small cut Yerba Mate for it makes my YM morning routine steep faster. What I didnt care for was all the tiny leaves left over everywhere: my mug, countertop, brewing vessel etc. I will stick with your regular (larger) cut leaf. I've been buying from Avia for nearly 2 decades and no one else compares to it. And the customer service is awesome. My favorites are Plain YM (I make different drinks from the plain) and APRICOT SPICE YM.

rachel b. 11-23-2023

wild harvest

very high quality. smooth taste. very nice peaceful effect. no powder.

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