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Lavender Mate

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Lavender Mate

This lavender-infused yerba mate is an exquisite aromatic blend of fresh, floral, clean, and calm.
This variety of lavender is called lavandin, a cross between English lavender 
(L. angustifolia) and spike lavender (L. latifolia) cultivated in Spain and France.
It is less costly to produce than other lavenders because it has a higher oil content.
We have found that lavender is not only has a unique aroma that is soothing. Lavender has a 
very special flavor. We prefer to add a little sweet with Stevia and warm up some Almond milk.
This combined with yerba mate is one of the most unique drinks around. 
 Ingredients: Wild Harvest grown yerba mate, lavender buds.


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7 Reviews

Erikka W. 12-11-2022

Excellent product, excellent customer service

Love this Yerba mate! I've been a long-time customer. Quality product and the new flavors are all amazing! Love the lavender! Amazing customer service! They recently called me to clarify my order and explained the difference in products.

Kailee H. 9-12-2022

Best Mate Ever!

I'm obsessed with this flavor!! The quality of the mate is amazing.

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