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Yerba Mate is really gaining a foothold here in the states and increasing in popularity as a healthful alternative to coffee and other stimulating beverages. In the recent months, the number of visits to our website and inquiries from consumers have risen exponentially. Part of the reason for this spike is due to yerba mate being an ingredient in the new ephedra-free thermogenic weight loss pills. Mate is used as the caffeine component in these thermogenic stacks. Sadly, many folks are unaware of Mate's origins and traditional use because they are first introduced to this wonderful plant by reading the list of ingredients on a bottle of pills!

Manufacturers and marketing folks would have us believe that all our health problems can be cured by popping a few pills every day (vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc..). This mentality is especially rampant in the diet and weight loss industry. It is true that yerba mate can aid in weight loss. Clinical studies have proven this. However, healthy weight loss cannot be achieved without a change in lifestyle as well. People have to make committed changes to their diet and level of activity. Consuming these fat burning pills in conjunction with 3 slices of pizza and a can of Coke is not going to achieve the level of mental and physical well-being one may seek. However, 2-3 cups of warm soothing yerba mate a day can be a healthy and enjoyable component of your diet!

***Many dietary supplements are developed as attempts to isolate the beneficial chemicals contained in healthful foods. Current research suggests that these compounds, isolated and taken in pill form, do not have the same benefits as those derived from eating whole foods.***

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