In today's marketplace, the public is saturated with a barrage of marketing material from print, tv, radio, and internet media. The emergence of internet commerce has given consumers more purchasing options and sent customer loyalty to all-time lows. Here at Aviva, we value our customers and take pride in the fact that we maintain a very high percentage of repeat business. We've even been able to win over the hearts of folks who've tried mate in the past and didn't care for the particular brand they had.

Throughout our website you'll find customers' remarks in the margins that speak to our integrity, customer service, and quality of product. Below is a link to testimonials we'd like to highlight:

Yerba Mate Featured on Today Show
Yerba Mate Featured on Today Show
Andrew Zimmerman of the Travel Channel highlights yerba mate as one of five "life-changing" foods!



"We expect that yerba mate will be the next news in beverages. . . .It's being positioned as a healthy stimulant, one that is blended with interesting, yet familiar, flavorings, spices and herbs, to help consumers make the transition from green and white teas."

- Kimberly Egan, principal, Center for Culinary Development


The verdict?..... Of almost 60 products, the most cutting-edge for food industry professionals included Spain's Cabrales cheese, yerba mate, arepas and annato oil.

- Food Creation


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