Thank you for your interest in Aviva. We think you made the right choice for your yerba mate needs. With ten years of experience in the Specialty Coffee and Tea business, we have put together a winning yerba mate program for your operation.

Dan Garcia, the founder, was introduced to yerba mate almost 20 years ago. At that time, he was a coffee roaster with wholesale, internet and a retail coffee shop operation. He took that experience and designed a yerba mate line to integrate with ANY coffee or tea bar. What this means to you quite simply is, using existing equipment in-house and realizing higher profits from that investment.

Offering an alternative to coffee to your customers is important. Yerba mate not only appeals to the health conscious consumer, but also to those who can no longer drink coffee, those who don't drink coffee, and of course, tea drinkers.

Yerba mate is quickly catching on in coffee and tea houses, drive ups, kiosks, and coffee carts across the country. When competition can be fierce, and every little bit counts, doesn't it make sense to add this profit potential to your business?

For information on purchasing these products for resale, please provide us with the following information and details about your business and objectives for yerba mate:

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