Large Leaf Wild Harvest


Aviva 100% USDA certified Organic Wild Harvest yerba mate has been at the forefront of Wild Harvest Yerba Mate since 1999. Our Wild Harvest Yerba Mate is grown under the canopy of the Semi Tropical jungle of Southern Brazil. This is our signature Organic Wild Harvest yerba mate.

When we first approached our supplier partner. We asked them to remove all the sticks and stems and as much dust as possible. They were a little dismayed at this because for 600 years South Americans have enjoyed yerba mate in their traditional gourd and bombilla. Most of our customers were in North America and we wanted to design a blend that worked with their everyday life. A blend that one could put in a tea ball, a tea pot, a coffee pot or even a French Press. 

Our yerba mate is grown by a century-old family business that has produced organic mate in southern Brazil for four generations. Grown in a natural ecosystem and harvested by local fair trade workers. Our wild harvest has a bold smooth taste.

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