Wild Harvest Matelatte

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Meant to be brewed the same way a traditional coffee latte is brewed, two ounces of liquid yerba, 90% steamed milk,10% foam and three quarters to one ounce of flavor of choice.

Ingredients: Wild Harvest grown yerba mate, 99% pure leaf, from Brazil, Aviva’s signature big leaf blends used in all our flavored blends.


BREWING INSTRUCTIONS: Fill the single porte filter approximately 3/4 full, do not compress, run a single or double shot into a 8-12 oz cup, add your choice of steamed beverage, finish with your favorite syrup or syrup combination to taste (1-1 1/2 oz). Each pound will yield approximately 50 drinks.

Traditional Matelatte: Brew as per usual, add steamed beverage of choice, finish with your favorite syrup or syrup combination. (ie: vanillla, white chocolate, chocolate/hazelnut, chocolate/peppermint, almond, caramel etc).


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