Shaman Matelatte (Lavender)

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Shaman Matelatte (Lavender)

Made with 100% traditional yerba mate, and Organic Lavender. This variety of
lavender is called lavandin, a cross between English lavender (L. angustifolia) 
and spike lavender (L. latifolia) cultivated in Spain and France. 
Designed to make a Shaman Matelatte.
Brewing requirements: Home espresso machine or brew strong in a French Press
Shaman Matelatte:  Espresso Machine: Using a electric espresso machine.
You want to run on manual and wet the product by pressing your brew button
for three seconds. Wait 10 seconds to pre-infuse the shot and then brew two
ounces through the prota-filter. If you are using a stovetop espresso machine
(Our Owners Favorite), brew just as you would if you were using espresso coffee. 
French Press: Add 4 TBSP of Bengal Chai into your French Press, add hot water
into your press and allow to steep for three to 4 minutes. Add one ounce concentrated
Shaman matelatte to an 8 ounce cup. add your choice of steamed beverage,
finish with your favorite syrup or syrup combination. Serve and enjoy. 

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